Division of USX
Fairfield, Alabama

  • Plant maintnance and new installations since 1985
  • Granulated Coal Injection System for #8 Blast Furnace
  • Continuous Slab Caster – Square to Rounds Conversion
  • Seamless Pipe Mill – Square to Rounds Conversion
  • Twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week Maintenance Contract to cover any type of plant requirement from a general contractors stand point
  • Continuous outage repairs throughout the plant
  • Assisted in construction of dual line Heat Recovery System for #8 Blast Furnace
  • Precon Tower #8 Blast Furnace
  • Hot Strip Rebuild
  • Reline #8 Blast Furnace (5 times, 25 Years)
  • New coal grinding system, inlcluding RR and Truck loading facility, new 300 ft. conveyor systems and erection of 800-ton silo for new coal injection – #8 Blast Furnace



Ragland, Alabama

  • Installation of Multi-Cell Cement Silo Storage and Unloading System
  • Installation of Packing and Palletizing System
  • Rebuild Loesche Raw Mill
  • Rebuild and maintain Clinker Cooler
  • Installation of Dust Collector for Cooler Vent System
  • Installation of New Midwest Load Spouts
  • Modify Stage #3 & #4 Cyclones and Ductwork at Pre-heater Tower
  • Remove/replace head of Finish Mill
  • Remove/install new O’Sepia Separators
  • Kiln installations
  • Tire, trunion and gear kiln installations
  • Assembly and installation of Quarry Crusher Systems and Overland Conveyor
  • Numerous Conveyor Systems installations
  • Installation of Air Slides
  • Installation and maintenance on Bucket Elevator
  • Coal Systems for firing of Kiln
  • BSE has been performing annual outages and day to day maintenance throughout the plant for the past twenty years
  • Cooler Installation at Lebec, California
  • Installation of new 150 Ton per hour Vertical Finish Mill System



Prattville, Alabama

  • Installation of Lime Kiln Sections, tires, trunions, coolers and related items
  • Installation of Drag Conveyors, Chip Handling Systems and Log Handling Systems
  • Periodic shutdowns for rework of paper making and wood handling industry equipment, mechanical, structural, concrete and related item
  • On site mechanical staff and office to handle day to day maintenance



Leeds, Alabama

  • Complete installation of new “CFT” “RFT” Clinker Cooler System including Clinker Breaker – All foundations – fans – ductwork and related items.
  • Removal of old Gravel Bed Filter System and installation of new Dust Collector Bag House System, structural and mechanical
  • New truck loading stations, mechanical and structural
  • Complete removal and replacement of Finish Mill Cement Cooler System
  • Kiln shell replacement including tires, liners, trunions, feed end seals and related items
  • Removal and replacement of pins and springs on Kiln Bull Gear
  • Rework all stages of Preheat Tower including Kiln Feed, New Fuller End Seal, Tippins Valves and all related items
  • Installation of new HAC Conveyor System to handle material
  • Pan Conveyor replacement including buckets, chain, rails and liners
  • Installation of new Magotteaux Finish Mill Liner System including division diaphragm plates, head and tail plates
  • Rework and repair of all Bucket Elevators including new chains, buckets and casings
  • Complete rebuild of Precipitator from ground up, mechanical and structural
  • Replacement of Loesche Mill Philadelphia Gear
  • Complete replacement of Loesche Mill Classifier and Housing



Various Locations
State of Alabama

  • Set concrete poles
  • Set structural towers
  • Set transformers



Wilsonville, Alabama

  • Fly Ash Tank – Assembly and Erection and Conveyor System

Rome, Georgia

  • Erect Belt Filter Building
  • Erect Gypsom Storage Building
  • Transfer Conveyor System
  • West Jefferson Crane Support for concrete silos